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Que Lastima ,live at Rack'em billiards


Rack'em Billiards
1011 SE 47th Ter 33904 Cape Coral United States
Que Lastima
Shortly after parting from his freakish flock (Viva Le Vox), the red-winged Paultergeist found himself migrating back to his swampy mating grounds of South Florida. Upon arrival, instinctual tendencies immediately took hold and the musical suitor let out a clamorous shrill, calling all walks of musical creatures to him. It was not long before he was surrounded by what Paraguayan scientists would only refer to as "Que Lastima". The uncanny tribe of herbivores, carnivores and cannibals let their cries of passion and angst echo through the jungle. The intertwining sounds of these depraved creatures has been referred to as raucous revival of soul-shaking vibrations influenced by Jazz, Gypsy, Santeria, Rock n Roll, Doowop and fried chicken. With a sometimes 6, sometimes 8 piece band (depending on horn section hangovers) Que Lastima delivers that swingin' feeling mixed with Congo black magic that you don't even know you've been missin'.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHTSrbnnnl4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SlDCAj7V6E